Privacy Policy

1. Data Collection Overview

1.1. When interacting with our website, app, content, site services, or affiliated platforms, such as requesting Activity Posts, registering for an account, subscribing to Updates, or participating in promotions (both offline and online), we gather Personal Data and Anonymized Data.

1.2. “Personal Data” includes personally identifiable information, like names, addresses, NRIC numbers, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdates, gender, income ranges, residency statuses, bank account details, and credit card information.

1.3. “Anonymized Data” pertains to information that cannot be linked to your Personal Data, ensuring individual identities remain undisclosed.

2. Collection of Anonymized Data

2.1. By utilizing generally accepted web technologies like “web beacons,” “cookies,” “clear GIFs,” “widgets,” “online evaluations,” “surveys,” “HTML5,” “dynamic device identifiers,” and third-party web analytics (collectively, “Acceptable Technologies”), we collect Anonymized Data when you access our website, site services, content, app, or online advertisements and banners. This data encompasses your IP address, web browser software, device type, operating system/platform, interactions with our site, clicked banners or ads, specific viewed pages, accessed categories/features, shared information, use of third-party applications alongside our services, app downloads, and prior visits to third-party websites.

2.2. When accessing our site through a mobile device or tablet, we also gather device-specific information to optimize your experience.

2.3. To opt-out of this data collection, adjust your computer, tablet, and mobile device settings to block or disable the Acceptable Technologies. Continuing to access our site without these adjustments constitutes your consent to this data collection.

2.4. Examples of Acceptable Technologies include: 2.4.1. “IP Address”: Automatically assigned when accessing the internet, this number helps analyze webpage flow on our site. 2.4.2. “Cookies”: Small data pieces sent to your device to personalize your website experience. 2.4.3. “Clear GIFs”: Electronic images that track webpage openings and browsing patterns for content improvement. 2.4.4. “Third-party web analytics”: Services for assessing visitor behavior and site effectiveness, such as “Google Analytics.” 2.4.5. “HTML5 local storage”: Caching services for storing preferences offline and synchronizing them online. 2.4.6. “Dynamic device identifiers”: Random, anonymous numbers used for ad targeting, not identifying individuals personally.

2.5. Token swap functions available via our Site may expose your ETH Address. If you choose to use these functions, please be aware of this potential risk. “ETH Address” refers to your Ethereum wallet address.

3. Your Consent to the Collection, Retention, and Use of Personal Data

3.1. By engaging with our Company’s Site Services, including but not limited to utilizing the Miami Crypto Experience API, or accessing information through our Website, App, and other channels like Miami Crypto Experience videos on YouTube, you provide your consent for our Company to collect, utilize, and retain your Personal Data as outlined below:

(i) When you submit requests for listing Activity Posts, sign up for Updates, request API usage, download/use our App, access our Website for information, register accounts, subscribe to Site Services, or contact us via email or phone, you are required to provide your Personal Data to facilitate activities such as Activity Post uploads, API access, mailing list inclusion, Updates delivery, account registration, access permissions, query resolution, and communication management.

(ii) When you download our App, use Site Services (including the Miami Crypto Experience API and Miami Crypto Experience videos on YouTube), make purchases, engage in token swaps, participate in loyalty rewards programs, redeem loyalty points, register for programs, webinars, seminars, exhibitions, or other events, apply to list Activity Posts on our Website, engage services, participate in loyalty programs, or promotional campaigns (both online and offline) provided by us or our business partners, your Personal Data is required to record your participation, access benefits, maintain Activity Post listings, subscriptions, service engagements, loyalty program participation, and promotional campaign involvement. Unless you withdraw your registration, subscription, or enrollment, cancel Activity Post listings, terminate accounts, discontinue Site Service usage, unsubscribe from Updates, withdraw from events, cancel Website access, cease App and API utilization, or withdraw from loyalty programs or promotional campaigns, we will retain your Personal Data as long as you continue to engage with our services, access our Website or Content, maintain Activity Post listings, use Site Services, participate in events, subscribe to or receive Updates, or remain part of our loyalty programs and promotional campaigns. We do this to promptly provide information, services, or products when needed. Upon notifying us of your intent to terminate access to our Website, App, Content, Activity Post listings, events, and cease communications with our Company, we will retain your Personal Data only as necessary for legitimate business, legal, accounting, and audit purposes related to our Website and associated operations, after which it will be destroyed.

(iii) When you click on our Company’s Google ads or other internet-based advertisements to learn more about our Website, App, APIs, Activity Post listing service, Site Services, available Content, Updates, services, or products, we collect Personal Data you provide to follow up on your interest in the aforementioned.

3.2. Additionally, we will retain your Personal Data as required by applicable laws and regulations, to assist in legal investigations, comply with regulatory or law enforcement requests, use in legal proceedings, prevent fraud, collect debts, resolve disputes, identify issues, enforce contract breaches, or claim damages.

3.3. Without limiting the scope of the clauses in Section 3 above, when you utilize social login (i.e., using data already held by a Social Media Site as defined in Clause 12.4 below) to register an account, access your account, our Website, App, APIs, or other services/products, we typically collect, retain, and use your email address. This is primarily done to establish a unique identifier for your account, ensure your account’s security, and facilitate communication regarding your account, service/product usage, and any other topics of interest you’ve informed us about.

4. Disclosure of Personal Data

4.1. We may be required to disclose your Personal Data to: (i) Third-party service providers to enable your access and use of our Website, Site Services, App, APIs, account login, identity verification, token swap functions provided by third parties on our Site, Content downloads, event registrations, Activity Post listings, promotions participation, loyalty rewards program, points redemption, communication as requested through our Website, email, or telephone, regular Updates, and maintenance and updates of your records to ensure you receive our responses to your queries. These third-party service providers include but are not limited to web hosting companies, website maintenance firms, database storage providers, cloud solutions vendors, loyalty program service providers, app stores, platform maintenance providers, credit bureaus, payment solutions firms, credit card associations, financial institutions, mass mailing/messaging facilitators, courier and logistics firms, etc. (ii) Third-party business partners participating in our loyalty rewards program or loyalty points scheme, offering discounts, vouchers, redemption items, and other privileges. (iii) Our bookkeepers, accounting firms, audit firms, corporate secretarial firms, law firms, and other professional advisory firms for record-keeping compliance with legal requirements. (iv) Governmental, regulatory, or law enforcement bodies with legal rights to request your Personal Data. (v) Credit bureaus, credit rating agencies, and fraud prevention entities to minimize fraudulent activities through your Personal Data. (vi) Our affiliated or related companies and/or third parties involved in corporate divestitures, corporate restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, trade sales, bankruptcies, dissolutions, reorganizations, or similar transactions or proceedings that may encompass some or all of our Company’s assets, including your Personal Data. We do not sell, rent, license, or otherwise disclose your Personal Data to third parties. Only authorized personnel who have signed confidentiality agreements are allowed to access your securely stored Personal Data to provide the services you are using or have requested from our Company. We are cautious in selecting third-party service providers, and they are bound by data protection obligations (per contracts and/or applicable laws) similar to those outlined in this Privacy Policy. Generally, third-party service providers engaged by us only collect, use, and disclose your information to the extent necessary for them to perform the services provided to us.

4.2 Transferring Personal Data Outside Singapore 5.1. Given the purposes and activities outlined in sections 3 and 4 above, it may be necessary for us to transfer your Personal Data outside Singapore. By agreeing to this, you acknowledge and consent to such transfers, with the understanding that the recipients of this Personal Data are also subject to applicable laws or contractual obligations similar to those in the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.

4.3 Accuracy and Completeness of Personal Data 6.1. To provide access to your account, our Website, App, APIs, Site Services, Content, Updates, and associated functions, as well as to carry out the activities in sections 3, 4, and 5 above, you confirm that the Personal Data you provide is accurate and that all relevant Personal Data for a particular purpose or circumstance has been supplied. In the event of changes or updates to your Personal Data, you commit to promptly notifying us in writing of such changes. Failure to do so may result in consequences such as not receiving communications from us, incomplete transactions on our Website, inaccurate Activity Post listings, inability to redeem loyalty points, or inability to access our Website.

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